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Real Life Stories

  •  Baby Milli

    Baby Milli

    Sue did all her usual checks but whilst doing so started to notice that Milli’s lips were turning blue...
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  •  Jack's story

    Jack's story

    A nine-year-old boy from Boreham has met the Air Ambulance crew that saved his life.
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  •  Enda's Story

    Enda's Story

    It was one of those misty mid-March mornings as my wife, Liz, and I arrived at Letchworth Railway Station...
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  •  Matthew Berry's Story

    Matthew Berry's Story

    On a chilly October morning I set out for my regular training ride in Essex - according to my cycling...
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  •  Matthew Eade's Story

    Matthew Eade's Story

    In September 2013 I was travelling home from work in treacherous weather conditions caused by heavy...
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  •  Dawn's Story

    Dawn's Story

    One September morning, my daughter Candy and I were out for our usual Sunday morning horse ride in Heybridge.
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  •  Luca's Story

    Luca's Story

    Our son Luca is a very active boy and has done various runs for charity since a young age.
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  •  Jordan's story

    Jordan's story

    18 year old Jordan White fell 30 feet through the roof of a warehouse in Colchester, suffering a severe...
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  •  Martin's Story

    Martin's Story

    On a beautiful clear day in early November I was out on my motorbike...
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  •  Tyla's Story

    Tyla's Story

    Tyla Atkin, six, was travelling in the car with her mum, Michelle and grandmother, Theresa in April...
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